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February 07, 2010


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so sorry! Hope she feels fast! I hit a cement floor face first when I was young .... it was interesting to see the 2 black eyes - I was very colorful for a long time! I remember all the stares of everyone passing me ... not fun when you are a kid

You poor thing! I can so relate to that bump on your daughter's head. My son fell and hit his head and he had a huge hockey puck like that. Scared me to death! The doctor did tell me that actually that is a good thing as that means the pressure didn't go inward. Hope she feels better soon and you get some non stress time soon!

Oh my goodness Lacey, that must have been terrifying! I am so glad she is okay! xx

I am so sorry for her......but she does have a PRETTY blackeye....lol and it was sweet for little brother to give her such a soft stuff animal.....I will pray for you and your family for a speedy recovery....

Oh no that is very scary! I am glad she is a quick healer. Keeping you in my daily prayers that everything turns out fine.
Mary Lou

OH Lacey I know that sound!!! My son, who is now 1yr managed to climb out of his walker and fell onto the hard tile floor. His head had a bump that made my poor baby look like Quasimotto. I was so scared I didn't know if his little head could handle such a hard hit. Uh such a horrible feeling when our kids are hurt and we can't take the pain from them. I hope she is fine and everything works out!

Lacey I know how scary it is when a child is hurt. Give Ansley a little hug from me and I just know she will heal as good as new and so will your heart. Sorry to say these things that happen are just one of the joys of motherhood. Love Ryan's gift to you Ansley!

Oh, poor thing!! I hope she is back to her old self soon! I can't imagine how scary that was! Big hugs to you both!

OH Lacey!! I know how scared you must have been. It hurts you as much as the child when they are hurt. Tell Ansley all your scrapping friends are sending her healing thoughts and I will remember her in my prayers. Hugs to your family.

Oh My!!...I'm so glad Ansley is okay!!... One of my boys fell and had a fractured skull when he was young....this stuff is So Scary!!..Even though Ansley is so battered up...it's so nice to see her Beautiful smile!!..Sending lots of well wishes and Big Hugs!!...Ila

Oh my gosh that certainly must have been scary for everyone. I'm just glad that she is okay now. Sending hugs to everyone.

oh my goodness Lacey! what a scare! her poor face and I can't believe that she actually cracked her skull! she looks so much better on the bottom picture. thank goodness children are resilient and can bounce back =) so glad she's home from the hospital and back at home. take care of the little one and yourself. talk to you soon.

So sorry! Hope she gets well soon...

Oh, your poor daughter, and you!! How terrible :( I hope she's not in a lot of pain! She looks like she is in remarkably good spirits in those photos all things considered!! Get well soon, Ansley, and Ryan too!

So scary for all of you. She looks like she took it well and has continued smiling through all of it. I hope the healing stays on pace. Ansley will have some good "show and tell" stories when she returns to school. Too bad she'll miss soccer, but I'm sure you're hoping she'll be good as new by summer. I hope you all get some rest, as it sounds like you didn't get much that last few days.

What a scare! I'm glad she is doing well and I am sending you a hug and a prayer to help get thru the "bumps" and thru the hustle and bustle of the next few days.

Lacey-I will say a prayer for you and the family i have a 2 year old who thinks he is spiderman and climbs and falls all the time it is scary .My prayer are with you .I found out you live in FL so do I .Hugs Sarah

Oh, no! That does sound scary! I'm glad she's feeling better already and I hope that things heal quickly. Kids are tougher than we give them credit for, but still, whew! That was a close one!

Hugs to you and your family, I hope things get un-exciting for you soon! :)

OMG!!! Lacey..... Poor Ansley! and well all of you really gosh children really have a nack of scarying the **** out of us don't they! I really hope she recovers really quickly! she's a brave girl having her picci taken! please give her a huge hug! gentle mind :0)

love Samantha :0)

Oh my goodness ,,, what a nasty fall ! I am sure you all got a nasty shock with that ! Thank goodness she is going to be OK ,,, poor girl ,, sending her a BIG HUG xx

Lols x x x

Oh poor thing! Can't imagine the terror you felt this weekend! So glad she's ok - kids bounce back so quickly. She needs lots of xtra kisses and hugs. Take care, hugs, Angela

Sending her a big hug {and Mommy too!}

Ooh Lacey, this is just terrible. What a scare! I hope Ansley is on the mend and healing well. Big Hugs, Maria

Oh dear, I do sympathize with you. It seems all mothers have to go through a head trauma once in their childs lifetime.
I did with mine, and my daughter did with
both her girls. It is the most frightening moment and a stomach churner.
Thank goodness she seems to be on the mend
and without serious consequences, with one
exception, no stools, no knees, and no
tuck-ins in future.

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