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December 02, 2009


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Well, for shame it was me. I was helping paint the side of our house, and the ladder slipped (honest) and down I came, and in the process my leg was twisted back and forth between a couple rungs of the ladder. UGLY! But believe it or not, nothing broken. I had indentations in my leg for some time and couldn't walk, but nothing was broken and the doctor couldn't see how I escaped that! I don't paint the house any more though! Thank God for siding!

This image is WAY too cute!! I hope Ryan has calmed down and recovered from his ordeal :) I don't have any interesting Doctor stories... My daughter did have a mystery rash on her knee last year... lol... how's that for interesting? Not! Though the Doctor was interested, it took a few months for him to figure out what it was.

I just added a link back to you in the sidebar of my blog to help spread the word about your candy giveaway.


I tried posting this once before but I guess something happened because it isn't showing up.

You are definitely not alone. When my son was just 2 or 3 (can't remember exactly) we were cleaning out my grandfather's house (he had passed away 3 years prior to this) and my mom was in one part of the house and my son in the other and he was bouncing back and forth between the two of us. Which we didn't think was a problem because my parents had gotten rid of all my grandfather's medicine and sharp knives and anything that could be dangerous to him. Well, I hollard into my mom to make sure he was with her and she said no. SO he had disapeared. Well, we found him in the middle of the kitchen floor with an open bottle of medication and there were pills missing. We just were not sure if they were from him taking any or my grandfather taking them before he passed away. And we couldn't get him to tell us. Well we rushed to the ER and sat in the waiting room for 4 hours. To have the dr come and tell us that there was nothing they could do now it had been too long. OH i was so MAD!! I had to take him back the next day for blood work and then again a week later for more. Luckily nothing happened. There was no side effects. To this day we still don't know if he took any or not. (he is now 11)

Then there was the time that my son (who was 10 at this time) went to the dr's for his yearly checkup and they found a piece of pencil lead in his ear.

Hope all goes well with your son.


I guess my worst doctor visit was with my niece. I was babysitting and NO ONE bothered to tell me about her "thing" with crayons. She and my daughter (both 3) were coloring, all was well and suddenly my daughter yells that Shannon can't breath! I freaked. When I finally got them calmed, I found that Shannon had crammed several crayons up her nose! Far enough that I could not possible get hold of them to pull them out. So off to the ER, where the wait began but meantime, my daughter tells everyone that she could what her cousin did! Then she tells them that I let her!! Finally got Shannon in with the DR, he got the crayons out with much screaming on her part and we barely walked in the door, and can you believe she made a dive for more crayons!! Some kids never learn! Her Mom laughed when I told her about our day since she had been through it about a month before with Shannon. (if she were older, I would think she was hitting on the DR!!)

Believe it or not, I swallowed a safety pin when I was about 3 or 4 and of course it was on a very cold, snowy day. I was so scared I couldn't remember if it was open or closed so that was an emergency trip to the doctor's office. The x-ray showed it was closed thankfully. As they say, this too shall pass, and it did:)

First, I have to say that I love this image! It reminds me of my little girl. I have pictures of her in this very same pose with a blanket tied on as a cape! Love it!!

As for the doctor, I have no real interesting stories actually. We kind of just do our thing and head home. Lucky, I guess.

Waw so gorgeous stamp, love to win it! Hugs,moni

My second chance, I linked you on my clog! When I was little, and i was sick, so I went with my mum to the doctor! I am so afraid of doctors, do not know why (still), so when I and my mum came to his office, I ran away, and my mum and nurse were chasing me all over the health center! It was so embarrassing for my mum! :)

Oh no Lacey!
Why do these things happen when you are already sooooo busy! Pooe little guy. He must have been terrified. I remember my sister did the same thing with a penny. Oh well, at least it isn't stuck anywhere!
Hugs Jeanette

I haven't had anything like that happen before. I guess that's a good thing...I hope he passes everything ok.

Oh Lacey....I sure hope everything works out well with Ryan and the penny keeps moving along!!! poor little guy and poor you ....the doctor's office each day. Yuck!! The doctor's by us is nothing but waiting. I spend hours there each time we have an appointment. Your stamp is so appropriate. You are so generous.


My daughter when she was little and just the right height for the breakfast bar....she was running around and ran smack dab into the square corner of the counter.....she had this huge dent in her head....no bleeding, no nothing, just a huge dent.....it looked weird....

Thanks for the chance to win the stamp.
Julie G.

I posted your candy on the side bar of my blog....

I hope the penny keeps moving along like it needs to....

Thanks so much...

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