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September 02, 2009


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Hi Lacey!
I feel your pain and don't worry, I'll still be visiting you to see your wonderful creations!! I LOVE High Hopes, Whiff of Joy, Sugar Nellie & Magnolia Images...they're darling and I do use them but I don't post the cards to my blog anymore. Looking at your creations inspires me to try and become a better colorer--if there's such a word LOL-- & stamper!! Hang in there and can't wait for your exciting news!!!!!

I think everything you said is just perfect and i think stampin up have now gone far far too far. I am glad you have given them the flick and hope many many more do the same they do not control all us out here in the stamp land

Hi Lacey! I am with you girlfriend! I am not a SU demo but I do like their products, I just feel that it is a very unfair request on their part and I think they have gone off the deep end..talk about control!!

Anyway, I love you and your creations regardless what company you use, so I am looking forward to your announcements and all the crafty goodness your blog offers!

Hugs, Kelly

creativity feeds off of creativity ...i don't know any crafter in any field that only uses one brand entirely.I think that would be boring.It is a shame that they are putting their people in that position.

I don't think you're out of line. Their "demand" is too far-reaching. Personally, I have no interest in SU-exclusive projects and blogs. I love SU products, but there's so much out there. By limiting their demos, they'll also be limiting themselves. Hopefully, they see the light sooner rather than later. Good choice on your part.

Hi Lacey...I feel your frustration to all of this! I am not a SU demonstrator but I have really good friends that are and they feel the same way as you! they feel they are being controled and who are they (SU) to tell them what to do! don't we live in America...the land of the free...isn't it our constitutional right that we have the freedom of speech and press? I don't get it...but I love that you spoke your mind and really said it perfectly! I'm sure you will be much happier and have the peace of mind that you don't have to worry about someone else telling you what to do! you have done beautiful work with other supplies. I'm in support of you! keep up the good work and I will still come to visit your blog! God bless you!!!

I cannot believe all of this craziness. While I understand what SU is trying to accomplish I think it is too much. Just my opinion though since I am not a demo and I don't buy their products (pretty much for the reasons you listed about - selection, price). None of this will affect any of the blogs I visit though. I think each demo is entitled to make the decision that is best for them.

I agree with just about everything you said. They truly are cutting their noses off to spite their face. I too buy from various companies simply because others have different things to offer. I am not a demo but this has well and truly put me off the idea of ever becoming one in the future.


That's a ridiculous thing for SU to do. I don't understand what they hope to achieve by inflicting this restriction on their demonstrators. Seems to me like they will lose some good ladies by trying to control them this way ... so it'll be their loss in the end. Sad really.
I have never purchased SU products and it's very doubtful if I will because I find them very expensive comparitively with other similar products that are available out there.
I will continue to visit your blog regularly, continue to admire all your lovely creations and continue to take on board all the hints, tips and advice that you offer so freely. With grateful thanks to you for being so generous.


Lacey, I think you really hit the nail on the head with this one. SU is going to lose a lot of good people and offend a lot of their customers. There is way too much out there to try and limit someone. I understand they are wanting to sell their products but this is the wrong way to go about it by trying to force everyone down their highway. The quilting world is similar in that there are tons of products out there that can be used together. I will continue to support our stamp club but will also continue to use other products along with the SU. Happy birthday to Ansley:)

Hi Lacey!

I completely agree with what you are saying. I am moving soon and where I am going, there is no stamp store so I thought about becoming a consultant for SU or CTMH. I was already leary of the restrictions they currently had but this is just ridiculous! I'm glad you wrote this because you have made some very valid points. I also think SU needs to get away from using blocks. I don't even buy them anymore because of that. Jump on the bandwagon already and switch to rubber only and allow people to mix and match different companies. They would have a much bigger following.

I think you made the right choice!

I will still be a follower! You do what you have to do! I understand what you are saying completely. And you aren't talking bad about them. You are stating facts. The cannot think that they are exclusive - especially with so many stamp companies out their now. Their loss. You brought them lots of business.

Hi Lacey... just reading this makes my blood boil a tad. I totally understand your frustration.What are they hoping to gain from this?? it sure isn't a popularity contenst. Alot of things you have mentioned have I totally agree with. I have a good friend who is a SU dem. How dare they dictate such...what's their problem?? I can see this having a rather negative effect n this company!

You stick with what you are comfortable with darlin. I wish you all the luck whatever your decision maybe in the end.


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